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OCT 2021

ACT4 health workshop

We organised an interesting workshop about 'Unlocking the potential of digital tools in health related challenges'. A big thank you to the keynote speakers and all participants for their valuable contribution to the workshop. Read our blog to find out more.

June 2021

Management of end-to-end projects

An overview of how XAOP manages projects from end to end. This blogpost contains an example of a critical project for one of our clients.

May 2021

How XAOP facilitates biopharma co-opetition through information sharing innovation

This plogpost is about the colaboration between XAOP and the PRISME FORUM in which we built a platform that enables the PRISME FORUM to efficiently share and analyse information.

May 2021

Why you should consider stress data when working from home

Read about a study we ran with MODIS on the measurement of stress using smartwatches in a corporate context.

DEC 2019

Sleep study

This post explains how XAOP uses Garmin smartwatches to track and analyse sleep and sleep behaviour of a group of people. The goal here is twofold: first we want to provide individual participants with more insights into his/her own sleeping patterns and behaviour. Secondly we want to gain insights into the correlation between behaviour and observed sleeping patterns across the entire group.

MAY 2019

PRISME: structured data sharing facilitated

This post emphasises how XAOP facilitates data sharing efforts in an industrial setting by providing an application which focusses on gathering data while retaining data quality for hierarchically structured data

SEP 2018

Partnering with Garmin For A Personalised Health & Fitness Project

We are developing a new service in which we combine three things we love: data, health and athletics. Our goal is to improve the performance and prevent injuries of the promising Olympic Running Team.

JUL 2018

Design sprint: what if you can't run the full five days?

Running a design sprint is a great way to turn an idea into a solution that can be designed and tested quickly - even if you can’t spend the full five days.

FEB 2018

How we used story mapping as part of our UX design research

To make sure we knew the requirements for both our client and the end users, we decided to use the story mapping technique during our UX design research.

NOV 2017

Predicting, monitoring and visualising trends in life sciences

Together with UCB, XAOP designed and developed the Cartographer application, a tool used to predict and monitor trends in life sciences.

SEPT 2016

How to integrate User-Feedback into an Improved version of TimeTag

Aside from creating new projects, we also focus on existing products and make sure that they stay up-to-date and run as smoothly as possible.

AUG 2016

Real-time Data Processing - Apache Flink and Amazone EMR

An introduction to Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) and how we used it to both accelerate and lower the cost of development.

JUN 2016

Serverless Architectures - AWS Lambda

This post is the third in the series of reports on our trip to and attendance of the AWS summit in May 2016.

JUN 2016

Cost Optimization on Amazon Web Services

This post is the second in the series of reports on our trip to and attendance of the AWS summit in May 2016.

JUN 2016

Amazon Web Services Summit - Introduction

This post is the first in the series of reports on our trip to and attendance of the AWS summit in May 2016.

MAY 2016

Knowledge for Growth - A Learning Experience

Read about our first time as exhibitor at Flandersbio’s life science conference Knowledge for Growth in Ghent

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