ACT4 health workshop

by Frauke Demol

We invited a number of participants from different backgrounds and interests to our new venue, where we organized our first ACT4 health workshop about the potential of digital tools in health and healthcare. We would like to thank the keynote speakers for their excellent presentations, all participants for their highly valued contributions and everyone that was present for the constructive day in a very pleasant atmosphere. Read further for a more detailed report of this day.

About Frauke

Frauke is known for her biomedical expertise. As a scientific analyst, she turns an overdose of data into clear information. But careful, there's more to her than just science and biology, she's also in charge of our HR and internal operations. She might not be very tall, but you can't miss her - she'll usually be the one talking or laughing the loudest.


On October 1st, we organized a workshop about unlocking the potential of digital tools to support your desired health. After some interesting talks about the future of digital health and healthy lifestyle support, we looked into specific opportunities. These were suggested by the participants, based on personal or professional experience.

We selected three interesting overarching use cases and created a user journey. This process enabled us to identify touchpoints where a digital health tool could guide the user through health or lifestyle challenges. In this workshop, we chose to explore these specific challenges:

  • effective motivational coaching for a healthy lifestyle
  • the ‘new normal’ workplace
  • a holistic recovery program and guidance.

We hope that the resulting ideas will be used as inspiration in future projects within XAOP or the participant’s projects.

We experienced how valuable it is to bring together people with different backgrounds and develop ideas into concepts. If you are interested in creating a digital health solution for your business, we are more than happy to offer this workshop approach to you! Please feel free to contact us.